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Ryan cut my monthly premiums in HALF and set me up with a prescription plan, which saved me over $75 a month on my medications.

Ryan at Premier Health Advisors saved me over $800 a month in health insurance premiums because of his attention to detail and vast knowledge of my medical situaiton.

Our old insurance company was continually increasing our premiums every year.  It was getting to the point that it was simply unaffordable.  We called Ryan and he was able to find us the exact same plan with a different carrier that saved us almost $4,200 a year! That may not be much for some people, but we are on a fixed income and couldn’t thank him enough for helping us!

Bob and I were getting ready to retire and we had no idea where to turn for guidance with our Medicare options. After being bombarded with phone calls, literature in the mail and countless emails…we were so confused! Ryan was referred to us by one of our close friends and fellow church members.  He came to our home, sat down with us and took his time explaining how Medicare works and what our best options were going forward.  We seriously cannot say enough nice things about him.  He truly helped us understand the entire process so that we could make an informed decision about what plan to enroll in. He has been our agent for years now. We always know that if we ever have a question, we can call Ryan or one of his team members to help us.  Not a 1-800 number! Thank you for always being our guy, Ryan!

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